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Born in the small city of Flint, Michigan, Jessica R. Ryan began to realize her real passion and natural gift at a very early age. By age 8, she already had set in her mind that her calling was to be on stage. With idols such as Taraji P. Henson, Sanaa Nathan, Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie just to name a few. She had zero doubt in her mind that she would accomplish what her heart and mind set out for her to pursue. The love for theatre and showcasing her true skill in show business was put out front and center when she had her first big debut starring on a hit stage play entitled "Boss Lady" in 2012 in Detroit, MI. From that point on Jessica knew her heart and dreams would thrive through acting and she never turned back since.


Shortly after her successful entry onto stage play she decided to transition into film and television. In 2016 Jessica starred in the hit movie "Plug Love" as one of the leading roles by the name of "Carmen." The film quickly became a hit with 3.2 million views within the first 2 days of release. As interest peaked for the knowledge of who this incredible new actress was taking the screen by storm, the calls requesting Jessica's talents came pouring in for various roles in different movies. Which inevitably lead to a star role in the feature film "Jugg Gone Wrong" as "Kandi". In this film, Jessica also work alongside some of the industry's leading actors and actresses such as Clifton Powell, Jamal Woolard and Vanessa Simmons just to name a few. The film "Jugg Gone Wrong" released in October of 2018 and is another sensational hit. Jessica's newest project that she is starred in is a feature film released in April of 2019 entitled "Birthday Behavior" where she plays the role of "Kiara". This film is also by the same filmmaker as "Plug Love". Aside from starring in various films set to be released very soon, Jessica has also taken upon herself to executive produce scripted films and a series all her own accord as well. Jessica also is proficient in marketing partnerships, hosting events, voice overs, motivational speaking and being a part of the Big Brother Big Sister organization in Los Angeles for many years. She still tends to focus more so on acting coaches and classes to center in on her strengths and weaknesses. There is no such thing as too much practice and she exercises this religiously. The level of ambition within this woman has no stopping point. It continues to grow within her everyday as she furthers her journey within her career and the dreams she set forth at such an early age.